Technical Information

British taxpayers can search registered engineers in your area as well as other gas safety information.

Industrial glass manufacturers use glass to create a large number of precision glass products to suit customer specifications. Moores Glass with experience of nearly 40 years can make a wide range of glass products to suit the customers needs.

The glass is recycled into sheets thatt are guaranteed 100% post consumer waste.

  • The original chemical composition consists approximately of:
  • SiO2 74% Silica
  • Na2 14% Sodium oxide
  • CaO 11% Calcium oxide
  • Al2 O3 1% Aluminium oxide

(Source: British Glass website:

City & Guilds Technical Certificates issued by plumbing company

Small amounts of other oxides may have been added as a colorant to different batches to vary or stabilise the various colours (such as iron - green, brown, blue).

Colours available:
BG1.1 Clear
BG1.2 Clear (green tint)
BG1.3 Clear (rain glass)
BG2.1 Blue
BG2.2 Blue ink
BG3.1 Green (blue tint)
BG3.2 Green (yellow tint)
BG3.3 Green (olive)
BG3.4 Green pale (yellow tint)
BG4.1 Yellow light
BG4.2 Yellow dark
BG5.1 Amber light (gold)
BG5.2 Amber ginger
BG5.3 Amber dark