Reduce the Amount of Rubbish we Produce

The majority of waste that an average household makes can be recycled; food waste, packaging, bottles. Although recycling waste reduces landfill and is a vast improvement, it will be even better if there was less waste all together. Over 60% of the rubbish that we throw away could be recycled.

An average household in the UK will use over 500 glass jars and bottles each year. The good thing about glass is that the amount of times is can be reused and recycled is endless, the bad aspect about glass is that if it end up in landfill, it will not decompose.

The majority of goods recycled within a household or a business is glass, paper, plastic and aluminium. These recyclables will usually come from food and drinks packaging. Many food and drinks providers are working to reduce the packaging used on their product as they become more aware of the damage being done to the environment.

Some products that are brought everyday by a lot of the public such as drinks, cannot reduce in the amount of packaging that is required. Many companies that produce drinks have started to use recycled plastic for their packaging methods although that is a far as the reduction of packaging can go.

For those who buy a lot of bottled water there are alternatives available. If you are looking to reduce to amount of waste created from drinks bottles in a commercial environment one option would be to install a water cooler, this create no waste as the bottles containing water will be interchangeable. If you are looking to reduce waste in a household from bottles, a handheld water filter can be purchase which provides clean water and much less waste.