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Recycled Bottle Glass Centre London

We are an all new Glass recycling centre in London that specialises in creating wealth through selling art made of glass.

'''Glass Recycling''' is the process of turning waste glass into usable products. This includes separating different colors (usually transparent, Green and Brown) of glass.

Glass recycled

Glass is, besides Paper a large component of household and industrial waste containing usually disposed bottles, windows and used of broken glassware. Glass waste collection points are very common now near shopping centers and in local neighborhoods, besides collection points of other recyclable waste like paper, metals, etc. Local (municipal) waste collectors usually have one central collection point for all types of waste in which large glass containers are located.

Most glass containers have separate entries for clear, green and amber glass (the latter should be used for unusual glass colors like blue, orange, etc.) as different colors of glass are usually chemically incompatible. Another important thing is that heat-resistant glass like Pyrex or Borosilicate_glass should '''not''' be disposed of in the glass containier as even one single piece of Pyrex oven glass will change the viscosity and / or composition of the glass furnace at remelt.

Environmental effects Creating recycled glass uses less energy to make virgin glass from sand, lime and soda.

We are constantly exploring new uses for our glass and we hope you will take the opportunity to explore our website which provides information about our company's products.

That is the reason why we have always strived to achieve great results based on several technical criteria.

Enquiries are welcome from local authorities/Environmental groups or individuals interested in replicating the flat sheet project under licence. We aim to create local solutions to local problems by involving the community.